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Hello there,

We at Xotographers don’t want customers to miss out on a great photographer, one that matches their style, budget and location nor do we want a photographer to miss out on amazing gigs just due to gap in communication or due to the lack of visibility.

This is a haven for photographers that takes away the hassle of marketing, storage, commerce and networking and gives you the space to do what you do best ‒ Photography.

It’s that sweet spot where you can finally catch your white whale.

Its completely FREE !

Sign up and start using Xotographers now !

We have some amazing tools for photographers and customers alike to be released soon. Stay tuned.

So, go ahead, give it a shot.

And if for any reason you don’t think that Xotographers isn’t the best way to handle your photography business ‒ No worries, drop in a mail to support@xotographers.com with your feedback and what feature would help you in your photography business ( We read every single mail we get, that’s a promise )

This is our baby, our passion and lives’ calling.

It has been an amazing journey for us till now and we are inviting you for this crazy ride. So strap in, it’s only the beginning and welcome to the Xotofamily.

If you want to know how Xotographers came to be, then continue reading the story below,

How and Why :

I did my Civil Engineering degree and joined one of the biggest IT Companies ‒ IBM, but with an underlying passion for photography. (Ridiculous right ? First Civil engineering and then an IT company, but wanted to do something in Photography !!?? )

You know, the quintessential Indian techie story. Swear we didn’t rip this off from 3 idiots.

A hidden passion for photography, endless hours spent reading, researching, googling and most importantly exploring the art; I started landing small time gigs from friends and family, which went on to help me get bigger deals like product shoots and candid photography for weddings and events.

Once the ball really started rolling and I started getting a decent amount for shoots, I decided to market myself better and started ‘HT Frames’, A Hitender Thejaswi Photography. The next thing I could do was make a Facebook page, Google+ account, LinkedIn, basically all of social media. As you probably know, this didn’t work out too well due to the numerous accounts(uploading to numerous accounts), no specific target audience and the feeling of being a small fish in not a big pond but an ocean.

The task of marketing myself felt more daunting as days passed and at one point I felt like the passion for photography or how talented you are doesn’t even matter if you don’t have the right contacts and tools to market yourself or your skills.

That’s when an idea ‘clicked’ (pun intended) and Xotographers was born.

I thought "Why not create an exclusive social network just for photographers?" a place where we can bridge the gap between amazing photographers and the clients in need, worldwide.

The idea resonated with people and some amazing ones have come aboard in making the idea a reality.

So, thats a small background on how and why Xotographers came to be. Happy clicking and happy sharing !

Hope your photography business grows into the dream that you have…

Hope you find your perfect photographer… correction,. Hope you find your Xotographer!

Hitender Thejaswi

CEO, Xotographers